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Real Cricket 22: How to Master the New Batting, Fielding, and Catching Features

Cricket fans are everywhere in the world specially in Asia the cricket is the most famous sport. Many people are crazy about it and they play cricket on different grounds in their City. Now everyone will not have that much of a spare time that they can play the cricket outside in the grounds and for that there are many different games available that provide you a realistic experience of playing cricket such as Real Cricket 22.

This is one of the best cricket games which are available on the app store to play. You will have all the cricket teams available in the game and you can select your favourite team to play. There are different modes available in the game to play like quick play, tournaments, online modes and more. You have multiple controls options available as well and you can select the controls of your preference.

real cricket 22


This is the original version of this cricket game that you can play for free on your mobile. Now it is one of the best games of its category and it will provide you with a realistic cricket experience on your mobile phone. You will have the real cricket stars available in the game and you can select any of your favourite teams. There are also the different cricket grounds available that you can select to play the match, you can play the 20 over, ODI and test matches. You can also play the big tournaments in the game like world cups, Asia cup, Ashes and leagues as well. You can even make your own team in the game and you can make your own players.

This is the premium version of this cricket game that you can play on your mobile phone and you can simply download this version from the website by spending some money because it is not free. You will have a boundless amount of money available in this version and you can unlock everything in the game.

This game is going to be the best choice for the cricket fans. This game has the amazing graphics available which makes it one of the best cricket games available. There are all the cricket teams available and you can select any of the teams and there are also multiple modes available to play as well.

Real Cricket 22 is a simulation game that provides lots of information about cricket matches, players and teams. It has several modes such as career, exhibition, Test match and T20. The main task of the game is to win matches by scoring as many runs as possible and restricting the opponent so they score fewer runs. It's possible to change strategy based on the opponent's players, and bowl accordingly to get them all out.

Real cricket 22 download apk for android to play sports simulation video game. Latest cricket game you find on the internet then you get the real cricket 22 apk which is a successor of the real cricket 20 mod apk game. Some extra elements added to this game to boost your cricket simulation experience and performance.

RC22 apk game is free to play but if you want to unlock premium items at beginning of the game then the in-app purchase option is available. In rc 22 game you can play different 500+ shots. Do you want to play the latest cricket game? Yes, then RC 22 download apk on your android mobile and play game with your friends.

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There are different categories of games available on the internet but casual users preferred to play sports cricket games. Graphics and animations are awesome and look real in different cases such as powerful batting shots, diving catches and top-class fielding animation, different variations of balls. play other cricket games cricket 19 download for android to enjoy the best sports game.

The world cup is the most popular game mode in real cricket 22 download apk where you have to pick your national team and participate in a tournament where already challenged rivals are available. Test match is an around 5-day match where each team plays 2 innings and there is no limitation on game overs so play freely. Play game with the different national teams in tour match mode where you have to face different rivals in each match.

RC22 apk download to enhance cricket game with AI technology. The game offers the best gaming experience and you can play a cricket shot based on where the bowl hit on a pitch which is measured by AI technology.

Real cricket 22 download apk game provides an immersive cricket game experience where you can clearly see every object in the game because of high-quality graphics. No lagging issues you face while playing this game. Why do you wait? Download it now!

When you select a team at that time you just have to drag and drop cricket players to make a perfect combination team. Fielding is automatic but you have the option to choose different fielding based on game conditions. In bowling, you can adjust your speed with a speed meter. When it comes to batters, you can play shots according to the pitch of a ball.

As a player, you can play up to 500+ cricket shots along the ground to make your batting ability high in the RC22 android apk game. Real Cricket 22 download apk to Play orthodox and unorthodox cricket shots while playing the match.

Play cricket game in different international stadiums which are available in rc 22 apk game and each stadium has different dynamic boundaries which measure that not all side boundaries are the same. Enhance cricket game with a crowd who are available in a stadium to cheer.

Have you wanted a cricket game to play with friends? Yes then try out rc 22 download apk where you can play game in real-time multiplayer game mode with a stable internet connection. Give a challenge to other players and impress others with your cricketing skills in multiplayer game mode.

do you love crickets? If yes, then you are in the very right place. Today we are all here with one of the best cricket gaming apps, real crickettm 22. Yes, real cricket is banging on sports gaming worlds with millions of users. If you are looking for any sporting gaming, then you don't need any other gaming app other than this; yes, this is a fantastic gaming app in which you're going to get all of the great quality graphics and gaming. You will never believe that with our mod apk, you can win consecutive matches without losing a single one. As we know, every indian boy is fond of cricket due to its massive popularity. You are already well aware of how tough the indian gaming world rightnow is, especially cricket; yes, millions of cricketers compete to be part of the top 11 squads. If you are very new to cricket gaming arsenal, then i would say you go through this game, and you will learn all of the basics to advanced things about real cricket in no time.

Real crickettm 22 mod apk is a game of passion and hard work; many players practice down the line for several hours and then could get near some success. As the top 11 cricketers in the game, you would need to prove yourself constantly throughout the game. The world's cricket isn't that easy for you. Yes, the journey would be a bit harder, but if you take care of some minute facts, it would be easy for you to emerge as a significant gamer in real crickettm's 22 games.

real crickettm 22 mod apk is one best-modified application you will encounter in your life; in this game, you will get lots of unique benefits and features that you would imagine are possible in any other mod apk. Yes, this mod pack will get many classic benefits like unlimited diamonds, coins, and incredible benefits. Yes, you can become the best player in the world of cricket history just by having this fantastic game on your pc or smartphone. Too many people dream significantly about doing things, but only a few actively do so through sincere hard work and effort. Still, if you are looking for unfair advantages to win this game, then real cricket would be the best choice. So, have the mod apk on your side without further delay and enjoy it. Even after knowing its premium benefits it would be really harder for you to resist yourself without even playing it. So without any delay just have this mod apk and enjoy it all.

you will enjoy excellent commentaries. Some of the best commentators you would get in this game are sanjay manjrekar, aakash chopra, vivek razdan, danny morrisson & lisa, taking this cricketing experience a notch higher. Yes, the real crickettm 22 mod apk game's vibe would be fantastic, where you will have an actual 3d gaming experience while listening to commentary and crowds shouting at your best shot or best bowling.

in this real crickettm 22 mod apk , you will encounter matches like ipl, test cricket, or any other kind of cricket. Yes, you would feel very much amazing while playing these different types of games, including test cricket, 20 -20 cricket, odi cricket, ipl leagues, and many more. Yes, the fun ipl clubs will also be spectators where 100s of batters will fight for the ultimate championship. You can earn hell lots of amount of big money by participating in various leagues so without any issue get into any events and make huge money.

yes, for the first time in this game, you will enjoy something marvelous; in this, they will bring you authentic fielding and catching animations. This animator looks realistic, so you would have real vibes while playing this game. In real crickettm 22 mod apk spectacular batting shots provide an immersive on-field action, making the game more alive, with lively cutscenes giving the ground joy. Yes its look too much to see your loving shots in rewind mode and its gives out very pleasant vibes ata all.

the graphics quality of this real crickettm 22 mod apk is superb; yes, you would feel no disappointment while enjoying this game. Yes, all things are more impressive with these quality graphics, gameplay, and music. You will never feel bored even for a second while enjoying this game, so without any delay, have this game and enjoy it with all your friends and family. Moreover, you will never suffer any ads or problems with this mod apk on your device.


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