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Scandinavian and Northern European countries were consistently showing high level of engagement and achievement throughout school ages. The Manager of Oopsy Daisy Learning Centre has carried out  extensive research into these approaches, this is where her love of this approach came from and her passion to provide a high quality setting using these approaches in Holywood.


Research emerged round the impact of bright primary colours on mood and engagement in children. Settings started to move away from reds and other bright colours to try and develop calmer, less sensory stimulating environments. Oopsy Daisy will be employing a child-centred approach in all of the rooms, using neutral tones, natural materials and plants. The children will be provided with lots of stimulating outdoor learning.  

At Oopsy Daisy Learning Centre we follow The Department of Education for Northern Ireland, Curricular Guidelines for Pre-School education. The curricular guidance will be planned for on a monthly basis and will provide opportunities for free play, group and adult led activities as well as spontaneous play that will be child-centred.  The staff will plan and evaluate alongside the manager who has experience teaching Nursery in a school. The curricular guidance is divided into  the following six areas of learning:

The Arts

The Arts allows children to explore their creativity and imagination. The children will be provided with lots of opportunities for messy play through sand, water, painting, sensory trays, music and the opportunities to engage in imaginative play through role play scenarios. This type of play will enrich their natural curiosity and vivid imaginations. 

The World Around Us

The World Around Us helps children to make sense of their world. Oopsy Daisy will enhance their experiences by extending children’s understanding of themselves, their pre-school setting and the wider environment. This will be done through books, posters, role play and other types of creative play. 

Physical Development and Movement

Children need both physical play indoors and outdoors that is inventive, adventurous and stimulating. They will be provided with opportunities to develop both fine and gross motor skills through puzzles, threading, the arts and gross motor skills outdoors. 


Language development is a crucial skill for living and learning. At Oopsy Daisy Learning Centre we aim to provide children with opportunities to share their thoughts, feelings and ideas. They will have experiences to focus their attention and listening, become aware of sounds and use language as they socialise with their peers. They will have access to a range of books and reading materials, songs and nursery rhymes throughout the day and across various areas of play.

Early Mathematical Experiences

Mathematical concepts are important in everyday life. Through play the children at Oopsy Daisy will be provided with Early Mathematical Experiences during indoor and outdoor play. They will have the opportunity to explore these concepts through everyday routines, songs, rhymes, stories and games. This will foster children’s understanding of mathematical concepts such as sorting, matching, comparing, counting and making patterns.

Personal, Social and Emotional

This Area of Learning is about children’s emotional well-being, understanding of who they are, and respect for others and their environment. At Oopsy Daisy Learning Centre they will be provided with opportunities to make decisions and develop their independence. They will learn to co-operate, take turns and share.

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