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Diverse Learning Environments


Pre - Pre Room

Our toddler room is for children 2-3 years old. At this age and stage of development we are able to introduce more educational-based activities, with the emphasis still being very much about having fun.

The children begin learning some very important lessons, such as imaginative play, and a wide range of themed activities are designed to aid their development and prepare them for their move with the centre – to pre-school.



Our pre-school room is for children aged 3+. The room will implement the Pre-School Curricular Guidance. It will provide  stimulating and engaging  activities to cover all 6 areas of the curriculum. Children will have the opportunity for messy play such as painting, dough, sand, water and sensory trays.  They will be able to spend their day role playing with their friends or completing games, puzzles and reading lots of stories.

After School Club

Our After School Club is from 1:45pm to 6pm.

We offer pick ups for local schools in the Holywood Area. There is no contract and you only pay for the days that you need. We operate a monthly booking system.  However, we strive to offer flexible care and can take bookings at short notice. 


We plan activities for all areas of the curriculum, the  children are encouraged to explore the environment and choose their own activities to promote independence.

Children learn so much more through active participation and taking ownership of their learning. We encourage relaxation and downtime in the afternoon after a busy day at school!

P1 - P3: £24 per session

P4- P7 : £22 per session

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